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Are you considering State Farm for insurance? Our advice: DON’T DO IT. And if you’re with them, switch. Now.

Like you, we bought insurance for peace of mind, hoping that disaster would never befall us but thinking that if it did, at least we’d be covered. We were wrong.

Our family has been with State Farm for generations. Business, home, auto, renter’s, life…since 1975, every policy and every premium—nearly $1.5 million over the years—has gone to them. It started with my late father Troy Hall, for whom loyalty was a core value. He believed that if you did right by a company, they would do right by you. So he gave State Farm his family’s business and sent in an untold number of monthly payments trusting that, in the event tragedy should strike, State Farm would be there.

42 years later, tragedy struck. And dealing with State Farm has been an absolute nightmare for our family.

On February 8th, 2017, a fire broke out in our building that completely destroyed our shop. No one was hurt, thank God, but equipment, files, furniture, records—all were lost.

We contacted our State Farm rep that evening and the company assigned claim handlers to our case. The policy we were paying for covers both property and loss of income. We submitted these about two weeks later, grateful that we had been paying for good insurance and believing the worst of it all was behind us.

But our nightmare had only just begun.

Our business uses state-of-the-art printing equipment that has a high cost of replacement. So when State Farm’s claim adjuster came back to us offering only 15% of what we had paid, we were shocked.

After “further review,” State Farm agreed we were due the maximum amount our policy allowed for that portion of the policy, but it was still only 60% of what we had paid, and not nearly enough to cover the replacement costs of everything that we lost. This was very disappointing, but within the acceptable range of insurance company experiences. It would be nice if the State Farm agent followed up with clients every few years to be sure that their insurance products are meeting their current needs, but in the end, we accepted it because that’s the policy we agreed to and were paying for.

What we can’t accept is the runaround that State Farm is giving us over the loss-of-income payments they owe. Our policy covers income loss for up to 12 months or “a reasonable amount of time for the rebuild.” In our case, the company

decided the reasonable amount of time was only 4 months, until June. At this point, State Farm’s behavior degraded into scam-artist territory. Three things happened:

1. They were supposed to cut a check to our landlord, the building owner, to cover repairs so we could move back in. They didn’t issue it until June, the very month they demanded that repairs be complete! 2. They repeatedly LAPSED on the monthly loss-of-income payments they owed us. The payments were to be sent monthly but they would go as many as three months at a time without sending one. 3. They staved off our many inquiries by saying they might actually owe us *more* money and were looking into that. Now they’re telling us they made a mistake—and plan to TAKE BACK money that they already paid us!

While State Farm has been playing games with the money they owe us, our business has continued to accrue expenses, and every day of delay translates to lost revenue and the loss of our hard-won clientele to competitors. These losses are *not* covered by our policy, and IF we are even able to reopen after all of this, it will be difficult to recoup them. State Farm’s lack of professional conduct is costing us hundreds of thousands of dollars that, in the end, may force us to close our doors forever.

Our company, inRemembrance Printing, is a heart-centered business, producing quick-turnaround bereavement materials for people who have lost a loved one. We often do this work at significant discount for families in need, so we know what charity is. Insurance reimbursements are *not* charity! They come out of money you and I have already paid in, in our case multiple times over.

Our father overcame adversity to build our business from the ground up, all the while making faithful insurance payments to State Farm like clockwork. Today, our veteran/minority-owned family business is being preyed upon, in its most vulnerable moment, by State Farm’s unconscionable corporate greed.

So DON’T BE FOOLED into buying insurance from State Farm. Their marketing campaigns say they’re there “like a good neighbor” “to help life go right.” They’re not. They’re there to con you out of your money.

Don’t let them!

And please, help us hold State Farm accountable.